According to a recent report by IQVIA Institute, U.S. spending on medicines is expected to increase from $344 billion in 2018 to $420 billion in 2023.  We all have a stake in helping to manage costs.

 If you use prescription drugs, here are some things you can do to help manage your costs:

Compare Drug Prices

Drug prices can vary from drug to drug and pharmacy to pharmacy. Here are some shopping tips:

Know your plan's list of drugs

You get the best value when you use medications that are on your plan's drug list. The list includes both brand-name and generic drugs and is reviewed and updated regularly by a group of independent physicians and pharmacists. Your doctor can use the list to choose medications that are right for you.
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Check out 3-month supply options

Some plans offer programs that allow you to obtain a 3-month supply of medications at your local pharmacy or a mail order pharmacy – saving you time and money.
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Call around

Pharmacies can offer different prices for medications. Depending on your pharmacy benefit plan, you may be able to reduce your share of the cost by simply picking up the phone. Try calling two or three pharmacies in your area and ask them what the medication you have been prescribed will cost. Some pharmacies will match a competitor's lower price.

Compare prices online

Find cost estimates for hundreds of medications. Medica's online tool allows you to compare the cost of brand-name drugs with the generic alternative(s).
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Save money with generic drugs

Learn how you can buy select generic drugs for $4.

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Other Helpful Resources

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Looking for answers to questions about your health?

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